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The Consortium was created by Manasc Isaac Architects in 1999 to hold the Sustainable Building Symposium. This Symposium is now in its 11th year and has been given to the Alberta Chapter of the CaGBC to run as its premier annual event.

The Symposium was held to raise awareness of and build market demand for, sustainable buildings among public owners in Alberta.

The Symposium Speakers included David Orr, Amory Lovins, Bob Berkabile, Kevin Hydes, and our own Vivian Manasc, Derek Heslop, and Richard Isaac.

Vision and Purpose

The Sustainable Buildings Consortium reduces the environmental footprint and enhances the quality of life in buildings by developing new materials, systems and strategies that enable others to achieve their goals of designing and constructing sustainable buildings.

This Vision is realized through research, product design, teaching, and holding conferences related to the design of sustainable buildings and communities.